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Grab 'n Go Fresh Baked Goodness

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The Real Truth... Everything's Fresh Here.


BE Real...

Eat More Empanadas


REAL Story

What's an empanada?? That's like saying whats' a taco in South America.

We are a family operated business, located by the beautiful beaches of San Clemente. At a young age, my mother decided to go back to her Argentinean roots where we spent much of our adolescence there. During that time, we made everlasting friendships, awesome memories and brought back a passion for creating the best darn empanada. ;)

We spent countless hours and energy perfecting our recipe to fit our active lifestyle. As an avid practitioner in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, surfer and health addict not to mention father of kids who are also very active with sports, I'm always looking for healthier options while I'm on the go. 

We felt that there was an opportunity to bring what we experienced in South America. And make it our own here in sunny San Clemente. So, come try our empanadas, eat them with friends, take them to go, or enjoy them at the beach or your next sporting event. You won't be disappointed.

Well, that's it.... that's The Real Empanada.

Stay active!

Grab-N-Go Empanadas

Our empanadas are always prepared fresh and ready to bake at your order. No heat lamps here. Our dough is hand made from scratch and our ingredients are prepared daily, and did we already mention they are fresh? 


Take them and eat 'em on-the-go, share with your friends. No utensils necessary, this is the ultimate social food. Just make sure you get enough for everyone. 


More The Better!

Whether its just for a few people or you need a quick, easy and tasty meal for many; we  offer an array of catering solutions from small gatherings to larger venues. 

Call for special pricing and delivery options. Give us at least 24 hours notice to prepare your order as we bake our empanadas fresh each day. You won't be disappointed. 


Try our Empanadas with our specialty


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